Carthage Water & Electric Plant (CW&EP) serves almost 6,500 residential customers and just over 1,200 general service, commercial, and industrial accounts with electric service. CW&EP’s Power Plant, located at the intersection of 3rd & River Street, in Carthage, is rated a 35 Megawatt plant. This means our combination of 9 Nordberg & Cooper dual fuel engines can generate 35 Megawatts of electricity an hour. We operate 3 substations and have a series of firm power contracts with companies such as Sikeston Board of Municipal Utilities, Plum Point Energy Station, and Southwest Power Administration. Power contracts such as these will allow us to keep our reliable, low cost energy supply well into the future.

CW&EP owns and maintains approximately 163 miles of 7.62/13.2kV distribution line, and approximately 4.3 miles of 69kV transmission line throughout the Carthage area.

Electric Contacts

  • Director of Power Services: Kevin Emery
  • Contact: (417) 237-7300


Electrical Safety Tips and Energy Conservation